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Companies that have seen the greener side of thing
Non-Woven Fold Up Logo Tote Bag w/ Button Flap Closure - 13"w x 15"h Zip-Up Custom Printed Shopping Bags - 13.4"w x 14.5"h Reusable Non Woven Fold-up Tote Bag 13" x 17" Open
Non-Woven Foldable Shopping bag with Button Closure Nonwoven Folding Totes Fold And Snap Non Woven Tote Bag 12“W x15"H
Folding Travel Totes 40cm w x45cm h Blue Grocery Folding Tote bag -30“W x45"Hx10cm D Nonwoven Flower Fold-Up Shopping bag 35cm W x45cm H